Mar 5, 2012

Letter to Insomnia

It has been a month now. You are sticking up, torturing me with something stronger than a caffeine effect (is there such a thing?)
You make my mornings fussy, you make my eyes all red, you make my skin dull. You are not pretty.
You know I don't count sheep.  You know we are not good together.
And... You do realize I am a bit too old for a  warm milk and a good late night bedtime story, do you?
So, if you cannot offer even the easiest way to work things between us... please be so kind to leave. 

A wide awake and unhappy insomniac

Oh I need to ask; are you a mother? A baby sitter maybe? Or simply a dork who refuses to grow up? (ahem, guilty)

If you are, please find the reading list below: 
Proven to be the top 10 bedtime stories (for both mom/ the reader and baby)

ps: thanks, Jo! 

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