Mar 22, 2011

The Tree of Knowledge

by Vladstudio

Oh how I love to read. I love books. I am an old fashioned reader. The scent from the old paper, the soft sound it made as I turn the page over. Literature, classics, and communications or creative related books, poetry collections,are the genre I devour to.

The picture can reflects 2 different insight to me- it can be the symbol on how knowledge should be well planted for a significant growth, or how nature has lost its life by sacrificing too much.

I appreciate the nature- I dwell on the enormous power and the extravagant beauty. But I don't think I can turn to an electronic reader for 100 % , even if kindle/ nook is affordable. Yes, e reading can be very efficient- look what I am doing now- I blog! But, there are joyful moments I keep seeking in reading the old fashioned way.
Solution? I found buying used books and treasure your old ones are the way to stay in between. Sometimes you have to.

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