Jan 10, 2018

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

By far the best birthday present ever.

Thank you everyone for your contribution. We have managed to donate IDR 13,310,185 for the work of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation to rescue-rehabilitate-and release the Orangutans that are victims of poaching and palm oil plantation and to keep the Orangutans' habitat from extinction.

I promise you this will not be the last.

Now please pray for my left knee because I really want to run more Marathons just to sound this again and again!

God bless you!

ps: My SG Marathon timing was the worst ever because I was fighting a fever. Vomiting every 10K, I was so close to giving up.
God made me able to finish. He walked (Yes I walked from KM 25 to KM 40) by my side and remind me of why I am doing this.

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