Dec 29, 2016

26.2 Miles

I have around five months to prepare my body for this. The training plan does not require me to run everyday but I am advised to convince my mind every single day. Every minute, every second. And most strongly during the race.
Grading up from 10K to 21K was not easy but I took it quite well. However, from 21K to 42K means way more that just "double up the amount."

"How do people do it and actually be addicted to it? I mean 42, 195 Kms?!"
What do they mean by "You will know the best and the worst in you during that  first Full Marathon."
"What it I cannot finish it?"
"Some might pee themselves?!"
"What if I die in KM 41? Or worse, KM 42?"
"Do I really need to do this?" 

I am so looking forward to answer the questions myself.

ps: If you are with me, you may want to follow this training plan and read this article on What to expect on your first Marathon. Eeks!

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