Apr 19, 2016

Three's a Charm; Three Easy Tips

We all know that health (physical and mental) is key to absolute happiness. But honestly it took me years to realize it!
Therefore, as someone who is determined to continue learning, I am sharing a few fun facts/tips that may be useful for others to read.

But first, need I remind you that this is nothing like a fashion blogger post. Because judging from my pose here... I cannot be one.

How to Look Chic
"Forget following the trend and stick with what is working for you." is the oldest trick in the book. And I love to obey. But throwing a little bit of trend here and there wont hurt. As long as  know how to carry yourself with it. If you do not have the body for a high-waist jeans and not sure if you can wear them, do not bother trying. BUT, if you want to wear them anyway, be confident about it. The way you stand will reflect in how comfortable you are and that should result in how chic you look. Or not. My friend Judith Kirana does not have that "Ideal size 10" but boy was she a stunner at all times!

At a photo shoot and being used for lighting test.

Chic must be rooted on Fit
As a big eater, I was never interested in trying healthy clean eating. I love my rice and meat and sambals. But now I understand how important it is to not keep dumping junk inside your body. The "problem" is, as I am lucky to have good metabolism... training+clean eating makes me even thinner! I have never been a thin person therefore I'd like to keep some meat in all the right places.
So, I take my exercise down a notch. From a hard core running regime 4*5/7K a week to only 3*5K a week. And if I do boot camp, it means I do not do long runs on weekends.
Find what's enjoyable for you, not only what is working. I love boot camp's euphoria but running alone is what gives me an uplifting me-time. 

I was to weak to train so I become a weight instead.

Fit comes from Life Balance
As a true INTJ, this is a regular practice for me. So you can try if you want. Work can drain you. Therefore, it is crucial to have sometime away from it. Here's a funny trick.  Try to delete one of the social media handles that you have. We do not need all of them. As soon as you limit the buzz, you will enjoy your time better. You will "listen" more.
Same goes with friendship. Be nice to all,  but intimate with a few. And be strong enough to say no to an invitation if you need some down time at home. Or if you are low on budget. My best friends will understand when I told them "I need to spend time with my dogs." that means "I need to spend time with my dogs, and no other humans."
True friends will always be there anyway.

Marilyn and Mahoni. My Girls.

Melinda and Ria. My non furry girls.

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