Aug 11, 2015

A Rescue Story

She was scared. She act brave and all but she was scared.
Her eyes met mine and all I see is fear and a little bit of madness. I am familiar with that because I am too… filled with madness.
She told me that everything is going to be alright. That from now on, none of us will ever have to face the world alone.
I told her that I think this is why our path crossed. Here on the side of a busy street.

I do not trust other people that easy. She whispered. Well look where I am, I replied.
But deep inside, when my gut twitch and my head feels her stomping heart beat
I know… we can give this a fighting chance.
To trust again.

To be less mad about the world, to heal our wounds.

She throw away the plastic bag that was used to wrap my tiny body before I was thrown to the gutter
I rest my shivering body on her chest. I let her hug me tight and take me home

We are in this together. I told her as she laugh-cry.
And I will never forget the day I rescued a human being... 


Mahoni, a #mutt.#rescueddogs #mahonithemutt

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