Nov 10, 2013

I have been thinking a lot about death lately

And no, you do not have to read this post.

But it's true. I do have been thinking a lot about death these days. Not in a creepy way tho... But more about how I want the memorial day to be.
I am a woman of many beliefs, one thing for sure... I know exactly where I am going when death calls. Being just a little bit of a control freak, I do want my memorial day to be something I know I will like. 

First, I do not like the idea of laying there alone in the coffin. It seems too lonely and it seems like there's nothing there to tell. So, you will not see any cold coffin. My loved ones will put my ashes in a beautiful bronze jar and they will spread them to the ocean and let some of the dust settles with soils and sands. That way, I can still be part of you, and the things I like about earth.

No veils and overbearing black dresses. Use your favorite colors unless it's black. Dress up! You know I like fashion. Another thing I like is good food, so the catering must be really good. There has to be cake, and wine, and meat. Red meat.

Pray. Not for me but for you,  so that you will find the strength to remember the good things about me and I wish that you will someday find it beneficial for you or you even want to pay if forward to someone else. 

Do not promise that you will never forget about me cause I know, someday, in the middle of a busy week, some seconds at some good times that... you will. And that's alright. It does not mean that you do not love me enough, it just means that you have a big enough of heart to move on and to fill it with new beautiful memories that may not have me in it. And that's okay too.

And last but not least... please play some seriously good music. One of the dearest in my life will give you a whole bunch of list but I tell you some of the 'must play': Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel my Love,Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam's Just Breathe and a place that I am going... Beautiful by India Arie, and Jack Johnson, James Taylor, The Beach Boys, The Beatles.

So yea, I have been thinking about death lately.

ps: I love you.


  1. HOLY COW!! We have the same exact idea!! I love the idea of setting myself into ashes and spread it onto the sea (since i love ocean like damn much). And then, i wish for people to set up a nice party. Just like how Israel Kamakawiwo'ole were 'thrown' into the sea. I know it's supposed to be a sad moment. But hey, should i remind you who's dead here? And look at me. Do i look sad or what? :p

  2. Holy wow! Thank you Iyar... No, that is not a sad look hahaha


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