Oct 15, 2013

Another hard sea

Here we are again, my siblings and I, at one of the hardest ordeals the five if us have to face. No details to serve here but I am telling you... I was only an inch away to actually...giving up.
Luckily, giving up is never my thing, and echoing in my mind, is this quote below. My brother was here last week, and we both try to see this problem from the most logical perspective ever,  resulting in one realization that everything that us as family have been through, it does mold us to the people we are now; an old strong soul. 

Sweethearts, each families have different hardships and problems, but hear me out, if you are holding on to one and another, not only that the raging sea will make you a skill-full sailor, it will also shape you as a decent and thankful one, that will never brag about its ship's magnificent power (like what the captain of the Titanic did).

I am putting my foot down. My first step is being logical... the next are depending on many others, but the last one is... giving one of the biggest forgiveness ever.


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