Sep 12, 2012

The Glass Castle

I adore this beautiful book by Jeanette Walls. Have you read it? It took me 2 days only to eat, gorge, devour all the 288 pages (super small pt!). Her memoir is beautifully written with a bittersweet narration that’s just going to blow you away if it is not going to bury you. 

Her unconventional childhood brings back a poignant part of mine. And I am thankful for the coincidental fact that I read this book, for it make me realize how I have been blessed. And will always be. 

The dysfunctional system does not seem strange to me, the ‘making believe’ adventures can easily be related with mine too, the - what appears to be - a forced independency and all the ‘skeedadle’ feels familiar to my bones.

Jeannette inspires me to be brave. To not be ashamed of your past, no matter how strange, impossible, and rotten they may seem. 

And my favorite part of the book is actually the very first page that she dedicated to her husband : “ Thank you John for convincing me that anyone who is interesting has a past”

I think that’s just beautiful.

ps: Thank you Cindy :) 
The Glass Castle

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