Feb 26, 2011

Growing Pains

My grandparents' house rule includes a limited amount of time on watching TV/ day. I was fine with that. Why I know this? Because I cannot recall being so frustrated about wanting to watch TV or sneaking out of my bedroom to steal another ten minutes of time. However, I remember being glued on to the television set whenever this serial in on. Growing Pains, an American television sitcom about an affluent family, residing in Huntington, New York, with a working mother and a stay-at-home psychiatrist father raising four children together, and their adopted son.

The serial introduced me to the talented Leonardo Dicaprio (yes, I did collect his pin up posters back then), get me to sing the beautiful catchy soundtrack "As Long as We've Got Each Other," which was written and composed by both John Bettis and Steve Dorff, and got me to wish about having a big brother like- of course- Mike Seaver.

If you can tell me where can I get the dvds... Please..please..please?

The Seavers

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