Jun 19, 2015

How do I know that I am in love

Pfft... try google search the title above, and you will be served with hundreds if not thousands of article links with similar content.
But, here's my very own symptoms:
  • I (slowly but surely) add new bookmarks on my computer with his online newspapers, as well as his favorite websites.
  • I pay more attention to little things he says. Including trying to read between the lines.
  • Now, I am more aware of American VS British English. I did not realize of the many differences before! Oh, I meant to say realise
  • I mention his name in my prayers and I talk about him to the stage that my friends want me to go back to talking about my dogs instead. That.is.something.
  • The idea of spending 14 hrs of long haul flight with him does not freak me out.
  • I feel and am healthier. Being in love slows down your heart rate and increases the happy hormones like Oxytocin and Endorphin. No further explanation necessary.
  • My play list changed a little. We love the same kind of music but he's just far ahead of me in terms of musical knowledge. Tho, I did influence him into liking She and Him. 
  • Ok, this might sound a bit odd but I only baby talk to my dogs ( and other dogs and almost all kinds of animals). Now sometimes, I am auto piloting my pitch to a lower tone when speaking to him. Oh baby!
  • I can admit to him when I need help, advice, support. And sometimes, a shoulder to cry on.
  • I have not been feeling lonely for a long time as I always enjoy my own company. Now, I know how it feels. And it is okay to tell him that. 
  • Sing more than I used to? Let certain song turns me on? Yes, yes!
  • My idea of cooking is making toasts but he is a good cook even he's not a Chef, so, I bought some cutleries and order some cooking utensils. 
  • I respond well to his criticism (or, constructive feedback as he likes to call it) towards my project. I would argue to a certain extent, but love the fact that I am learning so much from our discussion.
  • I mention his name in my prayers. And I know I have already said that.

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