Mar 5, 2015

The face that launched a thousand posts

This, is a thank you note as I am celebrating my 1000th post here on Pieces and Wanderings. 
It has been years, and  you may aware that some of the content were taken from my old blog named "Belle's Chronicle" back in 2007. 
Thank you for being such lovely readers, for your feedback and questions, and for telling me that I have become an inspiration through my wobbly steps in life, love, and writing. You have been standing virtually next to me all this time and I am so looking forward to share more.
Sharing thoughts in writing is very therapeutic for me, so does bouncing ideas  and insights. But most, to know that some of you have started your own blogs since you read mine make my heart bursts! Some even asked me if they can post the same topic, oh  why yes please!

Please excuse my newest #selfie below. This face may not launched a thousand ships, but it sure does represent a simple contentment of this small achievement. 

Talk to you soon.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful writer with a beautiful heart and oh so good looking Bel! 😘


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