Oct 18, 2014

Twin Flames

Wait, that's strange. 
You did not make fun of me ordering that purple-colored soda that's basically a can of sugar. You even ordered one for yourself. That's strange. You're basically a kid... like me.

The story from one of my favorite book, how the character would go on after the last page, I never mentioned that wonder to anyone else before... 
But to you, I kinda feel safe as you might wonder about the same thing.
"Movie... what's going to happen to Private Ryan's mother?" I asked... You did not think my question was weird. Maybe because you are also the same kinda weird as me.

Hold on... I have been here... smelly vinyl store, with you. No pretending. Old book store, new ones. Enjoy being alone and together in between aisles.

I got you that pencil that you paid for. Like a girl in a crush.

Me thinking that you got more truffle butter on your steak... I know I was making non-sense, you did too. But you let me have some of yours anyway.

I have met you before, I know that. 

Sometime, somewhere. In a different life and or form. 
Otherwise, there's no way I can easily enjoy being next to you for days every single second... not worrying how you would think of me. 
"You have seen me doing this before... " That's what I thought.

And you, hugging me from behind as am about to brush my teeth. You in white robe. Confirming our mutual feelings as if discussing what I want for breakfast.

I have seen you doing that before. And damn sure as hell, I will see you doing that again. Hugging me from behind as I am about to brush my teeth, different question, much more comfortable robe. Different mirror in different bath. 

But you. 

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