Dec 19, 2013

It matters who you are dating

I made one big decision that is going to affect a lot on my daily life and of course my future. Some might say this will be hard, but most are being very supportive. And I know this is the best thing that I have to do and I am not regretting it even for a second.

The details somehow are spared for my dearest and nearest only, but it is safe to say now that I am back to ‘singleville’ as my relationship has officially ended. 

It has been on the drain for a few months but it just feels more official now. And... I am relieved that it happened for good.

No, it has no implication to announce me being "back in the market". I am not a big chunk of meat. 
And it is not an overnight decision one as I did have a deep thought about this for almost half a year.

What I am sharing here is:

If you are planning for your future (and let’s say you are visioning yourself about five years from now), you have to realize that whether or not you are going to achieve it; it will be influenced by where you are and what you are doing at the very moment. And that includes… who you are with. (I know I promised myself to make no resolutions but I guess I cannot help it)

Take marriage out of the equation, it is not about that. It is about; is the person that you are with is bringing the best out of you? Or making you feel worthless? That simple. 

So that’s that. And if you want to do the same; envisioning yourself for the next years ahead, you may want to read this article to.

Beautiful. And so very true.

Just cause

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