May 26, 2012

I wished for you

Bright blue sky. Good grades. New writing job with good pay. A phone call from a long time friend, or even a text saying that she/he is missing me. My voice turn to be an angelic sound. The beach to be almost empty tomorrow. Cheap air tickets the next time I travel. Greece. Play violin like Grandpa. H&M store to open here in Bali. A kiss I can have at the end and the beginning of a day... everyday. A baby boy. A baby girl. Time to stand still... or just a little bit longer. A dog's life being saved. South Africa. Sharper nose. To bump into Jack Johnson. Carrot cake. Witness an aurora, or... simply a rainbow.

Ah... who am I kidding?
It was you.

I wished for you at 11:11.


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