Dec 21, 2011

The perfect date

It was my first date.
He said we will go out at 6:00. He was on time. He compliment me for my dress and even notice my new haircut. Open the door? course' he did. We went to this little restaurant. Nice and quiet. Did he pull the chair? Hell ya. He gave suggestions on the menu and let me pick what to eat for dessert. We talked about everything. I tell you now, everything; movies we like and hate, favorite musicians, the hardest essay(s) we ever wrote, books we love, my friends, his friends, what they like, how we hang out. Everything. We laughed so hard till the people on the other table gave us that look. He asked for the bill in a very polite and decent way. Thanked and tip the waiter and did not let me see how much the dinner cost.
I remember pointing with such excitement to this little old music store across the street where we parked the car. He agreed to stop by. He bought an album for himself and asked if I want something. I said no... I mean.. this is our first date *blush. It was  a James Taylor album. The one he bought. He had some serious taste in music (the fact that I only understand years later)
We continue the date to see a movie. Comedy. A real comedy. Not with Jim Carrey in it because he knew that (no offense) I hate Jim Carrey. I offered to treat him popcorn and coke- since you know, he did pay for dinner. He said yes. Must say the movie was funny. He took a glare at me once in a while. We finished the popcorn.
Time to call it a night. I had fun and so did he. I bet.
We talked a lot on our way home. We also talked about the date, how everything that he did during the date was so intentionally to make me feel adored and most importantly, respected. And I should not expect anything less. I said thank you.

Almost 11 pm. Curfew. But we had to make one more stop. By a store to pick up cookies and ice cream for my mom and siblings. Yes mom and siblings. 
We reached home, eat all the ice cream all together. Told my mom about the whole date. He kissed me goodnight and say that I should get an A for the essay on Layar Terkembang (Indonesian major literature).
Awkward ending? No. Why?...  Oh, did I not tell you that my first date was with my Dad?

ps: This is what he wanted me to understand:
Every lady should expect a real gentleman in her life who will respect her. Be it in a daily life, and especially in a relationship. 
So... when my next date turned out to be with a guy who curses and slams the door because he was upset with the valet service.... You have guessed it. That was his first and last straw.

From Blake

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